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The headline in today’s Sunday Times reads:  ‘Tom Kerridge lost 12 stone in weight’.

This intrigued me right away as I have decided to give dieting another go in 2018.  The weight just keeps piling on and I have a wardrobe full of size 14 clothes that I would love to wear again.  Timeless pieces like suits that enable you to mix and match.

The above mentioned man is a Michelin Star Chef and the first time he came to my attention was when contestants on the popular TV show ‘Masterchef, the Professionals’ were sent to his pub in Buckinghamshire to cook some of his signature dishes.   I was impressed by the sensitive manner in which Tom treated these nervous chefs.

Much later, he wrote books entitled:  Tom’s Table, that contained some fantastic recipes and I have been a fan ever since.  Other books are: Proper Pub Food, and Best Ever Dishes.  Just this morning the Good Food channel aired some old TV programs that Tom had made when he was still overweight, huge, in fact.

He clearly knew that the time had come to tackle his weight, so he devised the Dopamine Diet and published a book by that title.

Today’s article in the Sunday Times Magazine is a portrait by Charlie Clift and gave some more recipes from a new book Tom has just published.  It looks good and I ordered it straight away and am looking forward to browsing through it.



Tom looks ‘half the man’, according to the front slogan on the Magazine that shows some of his recipes.  He looks so handsome now, evidence of the benefit of taking charge of your health.  Another factor is, of course, his young son who he knew would need him to be healthy.  Being a chef must be doubly hard to cut down on food when you have to taste the food constantly and all credit to him.




Source:  The Sunday Times – 31.12.17

Portrait by Charlie Clift – Sunday Times Magazine – 31.12.17

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