A few years ago, I felt I needed to occupy my time more usefully as I had just retired from working for two Charities for ten years.

Whilst that work was enjoyable, it no longer fitted in with my lifestyle as I was away from home a fair amount of time.

Since I had trained as a Style Coach, helping women in particular to make the most of their appearance but also analysing their personal life and looking at Relationships, Hobbies, Leisure Time Pursuits, Enjoyment, and looking at ways to improve situations,  I felt the next best thing I could do was to train as a Life Coach.

I found the Quantum Success Academy in the United States which trains Life Coaches online incorporating the Law of Attraction.  Having previously been a people pleaser and mostly putting other people’s needs before my own, this training gave me such insights into my behaviour and made me much stronger and free to make my own choices.

If this is something of interest to you, the reader, then check out the videos.


The Training helped me to overcome fears I had about coaching people and communicating effectively and I have gained a wealth of knowledge which I am so grateful for.

Life Coaching is a very rewarding career that you can even practice after retirement if you so wish.

Warm regards

Adele Bantle

How To Train As A Life Coach

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